Fraudulent emails from HMRC

July 5, 2018

We’ve had a number of our clients forward what sometimes appears to be a legitimate email from HMRC offering a tax refund.  The email often contains a link to a website or an attachment designed to trick you into disclosing personal and payment information.  We’ve also heard of bogus text messages being sent and direct messages through social media – such as Twitter.

HMRC are also aware of an automated phone call scam which tells you HMRC is filing a lawsuit against you and requests you press a number to speak with a caseworker to make a payment.    

HMRC will never send notifications by e-mail about tax refunds; nor will they ask for personal or financial information when they send text messages.  HMRC have also confirmed that automated phone calls are scams and you should end the call immediately.  Also, HMRC never use social media to offer a tax refund, request personal and financial information.       

HMRC ask us to report all HMRC related phishing emails, bogus text messages, unknown social media accounts and phone calls to before deleting the message; do not open or download any attachments or click any links in emails or text messages as they may contain malicious software or direct you to a bogus website. 

Sadly, it’s often the elderly and vulnerable people who are targeted.  Be vigilant and if in doubt, call one of our friendly advisers on 01223 810100 for help.

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