Thinking of starting a new business?

July 17, 2018

You’ve researched your market, prepared a business plan and organised your finances; the next step is to discuss the right business structure. Don’t assume you will be better off operating as a company, this involves additional administration, costs and more layers of taxation. Consider all the options

If you want to captain your own ship, become a Sole Trader. If two or more individuals are keen to run a business together, consider a Partnership. Either way, post-tax profits generated are yours to keep. Both Sole Traders and Partners are personally liable for the business debts but operating a ‘Limited Liability’ Partnership (LLP) will enable Partners to restrict their liability to broadly capital contributed. Sole Traders and Partners are self-employed. They must register with HMRC for Self-Assessment and pay Income Tax and National Insurance. A ‘nominated partner’ must also register the Partnership and file its Tax Returns.
Directors of Limited Companies face increased reporting and management responsibilities.

A company has a separate legal entity and a shareholder’s liability is normally limited to the amount unpaid on their shares; although often lenders require personal guarantees. During its life, there are different layers of tax:

  • Corporation Tax payable by the Company on income and capital profits at 19%
  • Income Tax on money withdrawn, for personal use, as salary and dividends 
  • Tax on liquidation

Whichever business structure you chose, you’ll need to keep meticulous records of business income and expenses. You must register for VAT if turnover exceeds £85,000 and operate a PAYE scheme for all directors and employees.

Tax relief for loss-making Sole Traders and Partnerships in early years of trading can aid cash flow prior to incorporation although commercial requirements and personal objectives will often determine your business structure.

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