Auditing services from CKLG Accountants Cambridge

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Auditing Specialists Cambridge 

Whether you choose to have an audit or are required to have one, CKLG Accountants provide auditing services to support a range of SMEs as well as UK and International group companies.

Our auditing expertise and experience enables us to perform robust audits, providing value-added services such as recommendations for improving the control environment that surrounds the accounting function.  

We can prepare statutory accounts for single and subsidiary companies, prepare consolidated accounts for the holding company as well as calculate group tax to optimise tax saving opportunities and prepare the associated Company Tax Return and supporting calculations for each of the associated companies.

Our auditing services include:

  • Statutory audits
  • Internal audits
  • Due diligence
  • PAYE/NIC Audit
  • VAT Audit
  • Minimising fraud exposure
  • Specialist audits
  • Grant claim audits

Please contact our dedicated audit manager to discuss your auditing requirements.