Buying and selling businesses

Minimise your tax liabilities and ensure you claim all the available reliefs


Buying a business

Whether you are expanding, or just starting out, acquiring an established business is often viewed as a less risky option and can provide a faster route to running or growing your own business.

Acquiring an existing business can involve a significant investment of your time, resources and finances, and there are a number of personal, financial and taxation considerations to be aware of before you buy an established business or franchise in the UK. 

If you are planning to buy a business, we advise you enlist the expertise of a qualified chartered accountant or chartered tax adviser to help you consider these important factors.

  • Securing funding for a business acquisition
  • Due diligence on the purchase
  • Business valuation and factors affecting the price
  • Cashflow planning and business plans
  • The tax implications of buying a business
  • The best way to structure a purchase from a tax perspective
  • Ensuring you have the right legal structure going forward

Selling a business

The decision to sell a business can be a difficult, emotional and often very stressful one, however ensuring you have the right advice and expert knowledge from the beginning can help to make the process easier and quicker.

Whether you are a sole trader, partnership or limited company, we will guide you through the process of selling your business and ensure you understand the financial and tax implications and the legal responsibilities involved in selling a business in the UK:

  • Minimising any potential tax liabilties
  • Ensuring Entrepreneurs Relief is available when it should be
  • Finalising your business tax affairs and informing HMRC
  • Valuing your business correctly
  • Marketing a business for sale
  • Evaluating offers from interested buyer
  • Tax reliefs available when selling a business
  • Selling part of a business

Tax clearances 

When looking at buying and selling businesses, having certainty from HRMC as to the tax implications is imperative. We can help you ensure all the correct clearances are in place ready for the deal to go through. 

CKLG Accountants have a wealth of experience helping our clients’ buy and sell businesses in the UK. Please contact us for advice.