R&D and Patent Box

Maximise the valuable tax reliefs available   


R&D Tax Claims

Cambridge is a hub of scientific and technology driven companies.  CKLG Accountants are well positioned to provide accountancy services and financial support to companies across the UK.

We already work with a number of Cambridge based technology and scientific companies had have a wealth of experience preparing, calculating and submitting R&D tax claims to HMRC.

Don't forget - once the Research & Development project has finished, if the company is granted a UK or European patent on the product you could qualify for the new Patent Box Regime.


Patent Box

If your company owns, or exclusively licences, UK or EU patents or plant breeders rights, you can elect for profits generated by using those patents to be taxed at 10%, instead of 19% or 20%. However, you must be actively using the patent in your own products, rather than just holding it as an investment.

There is a certain amount of accounting work to do to identify the profits from your patented products or processes, and we can help you with that.

Please talk to our Cambridge Business Accountants if you are interested in taking advantage of this tax relief.

R&D Tax relief Cambridge