We’ve been supporting businesses manage their accounts with Xero since 2012. The online accounting software offers business users the chance to streamline financial processes and is used by both small and medium-sized companies. The ability to record, process, track financial transactions and generate reports means that many manual time-consuming tasks are automated. And, automating those key business processes will ultimately free up time to concentrate on more strategic issues.

Alex Graham, Senior Manager at CKLG, who heads up our Business Services team agrees,

“Financial processes can be streamlined within Xero, from easy bank reconciliation with bank feed data coming directly from your bank into Xero, to automated generation and emailing of sales invoices. We help  business owners reduce the time spent managing the financial data of their business and provide better more accurate insights into their profitability.”.

Xero is known for its user-friendly interfaces, so for those more anxious IT users it really does offer a simple no-nonsense solution. Add third-party integrations, for inventory management, CRM or time-tracking for example, and you’ll really see the benefit within your organisation. You can make Xero the central hub of your business and financial management. The CKLG team are happy to hold your hand through the conversion from your existing software to Xero and will bring forward ideas for making the most out of the automated processes and will ensure that the technology is the right fit for your company.

As we move into 2024 the economic environment continues to present challenges, and whilst it is widely speculated that interest rates have peaked, inflation still remains higher than normal. So, the best focus for your business is to stay on top of your financial information – maintaining a close eye on your cash flow in order to stay profitable. With a product such as Xero this is achievable.

“One of the areas where I really see Xero making an impact, is reporting – whether you are budgeting, forecasting or reviewing your cash flow. There’s a report that can be tailored to your needs”, comments Alex.

If you are looking to make a change in 2024 then do give Alex and his team call, they’ll be happy to have an initial discussion on how Xero could work for your business.