Starting out in your career or moving companies is not only about the job; it’s about finding a place where your skills are recognised, your well-being matters, and you can thrive both professionally and personally. Today, we sit down with Ineta, a valued member of the CKLG family, to explore the highlights, benefits, and unique aspects that make CKLG Chartered Tax Advisers and Accountants (CKLG) a workplace of choice. 

Ineta joined CKLG in July 2020 as a Tax Adviser and reflects on four years of purpose and belonging. Feeling valued for contributions is a common theme at CKLG, creating a work environment that fosters a sense of purpose and appreciation. 

A Culture of Flexibility and Support: Flexibility isn’t just a perk – it’s a way of life. 

“The main benefit of working with CKLG is flexibility. I joined CKLG when Covid-19 forced companies all over the world to send their employees home to work virtually. I was given all the tools I needed to work from home, and after I settled in, it became apparent that I could be productive and focused when not in the office.  

Soon after joining the company, my personal life turned upside down and I became a full-time carer. As a sign of support and understanding CKLG offered me a permanent flexible work schedule. Working from home enabled me to attend to the needs of my personal life at the same time as succeeding in my career. 

While a good salary is not the main factor determining whether or not you will cherish your job, when you are fairly compensated for your work, you feel valued by your employer. CKLG understands the importance of compensating you for your work.” 

Continuous Learning and Growth: Investing in the professional development of all team members.  

“Whenever I find a course which I think will be useful, I can freely approach my manager and request to book it. CKLG invests in their employee’s future by reimbursing training fees, sending us to conferences or offering mentorship. I see a very bright future with the company; therefore, I feel driven in my role.” 

Community Engagement and Volunteering: A core value at CKLG  

“Unfortunately, due to my personal circumstances, I am not able to contribute to fundraising and volunteering events as much as I would like to. But all contributions, however small or big, are valued by everybody at CKLG.” 

A Typical Day as a Tax Adviser:  

“On my average day at work, I start the day by checking my emails. This way I can reply to clients and get everything organised at the start of the day. I then look over my to-do list and get started on the tasks that have priority. I spend most of my time preparing Tax Returns for our clients. As I work from home, most days I regularly catch up with my managers either via phone or Microsoft Teams.  

Good days at work are days when I feel productive and accomplished.” 

What interests you about Tax Advice? 

“The Tax profession is ever evolving. It is challenging work which requires attention to detail and good communications skills. Finding work that interests and challenges you is an important part of loving your job. When I get a variety of tasks and responsibilities that teach me something new every day, I feel more engaged and fulfilled. “ 

What are the most rewarding aspects of your job? 

“The most rewarding is having a job that allows me to find a balance between working effectively and having enough time and energy to enjoy life outside of work.” 

CKLG is not just a workplace; it’s a community that values its members, supports their needs, and encourages both professional and personal growth. Ineta’s interview exemplifies the unique culture and opportunities that make CKLG a rewarding place to work. As you consider your next career move, remember that at CKLG, you are more than an employee, you are an essential part of a thriving community.  

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